Friday, 7 September 2012

Zingy the EDF Flame (Or The Squoof)

One of the first things I knitted (and completed, I must add) was this cute as hell little knitted mascot "Zingy" from the EDF adverts.
 Random, you might think?? And you would be right, apart from the fact that my niece Ivy really seriously looks like this thing!! She has the biggest eyes I've ever seen on a baby (to the point where we call her Eyes-Vy), she is super pale like her mum (my sister) and she sometimes gets that exact little curl of hair on top of her head. I can't find a photo to show off the curl but here she is looking super cute as always

As well as Eyes-Vy, her main nickname is The Squoof, because frankly she's just so darned squoofy. Despite not really meaning anything at all, it just sums her up in one (slightly bizarre) word. If you continue to check in with this blog (and I continue to update it of course) you will soon realise that in our house we are a bit bonkers. We all have various ridiculous nicknames, few of which make any sense. We have little songs which we all know but would never dare sing them to an outsider, we would all be sectioned! The house favourite is called "What do we do when we love somebody's face (we kiss their face)"

Soooo, anyway. Back to the knitting. I got the pattern for free on a forum, I can't find the original thread to link up to so I'll include the whole pattern at the end. As far as wool goes, I just went to my local C&H Fabrics and bought the cheapest wool I could find in the right colour, which is a light pastel peach colour. I don't have the paper band for it any more so can't even tell you what I got, but it doesn't really matter. As long as it's DK (double knitting) you could use just about anything you like. This was the first thing I knitted in the round and I have to say it went pretty well. I used this video on YouTube to learn the magic loop method which you need for this project, unless you knit it on DPN's (Double Pointed Needles), which I don't really want to attempt just yet.

In all honesty, this pattern wasn't quite right, shape-wise. The actual EDF Zingy is more fat and squat, like this
But I didn't want to pay for a pattern and this is what I ended up with. It would be super easy to fix, by simply increasing more in the top and bottom sections, and decreasing less stitches at the "waist" section. Personally I didn't have another shot at it because it was only for a bit of fun. I have seen these sell on eBay for £10 or £15 and obviously if you were going to sell it, you would need to make it a bit more accurate.

Anyway, here is the pattern, happy knitting knitters x

Knitted Zingy the EDF Flame

50g ball Wendy Peter Pan Double Knit Shade 3004
1 X long circular needle or set dble pointed knitting needles, size 3.75mm
Scrap white felt
Scrap black felt
Cast on 9sts leaving a ‘tail’ of yarn. Join into a round either using magic loop method or dble pointed needles.
R1 Inc in every st.(18sts)
R2 Knit
R3 Inc in every st (36sts)
R4 to R21, Knit.
R22 K2tog all along row (18sts)
R23 Knit
R24 Knit 1, K2tog, all along row. (12sts)
R25 Knit
R26 *K1, kfb; repeat from * (18sts)
R27 Knit
R28 *K2,kfb; repeat from * (24sts)
R29 Knit
R30 *K3,kfb; repeat from * (30sts)
R31 Knit
R32 *K4,kfb;repeat from * (36sts)
R33 Knit
R34 *K8 ,kfb;repeat from * (40sts)
R35 – 38 Knit
R39 *K8 ,k 2tog;repeat from * (36sts)
R40 Knit
R41 *K4, k 2tog;repeat from * (30sts)
R42 Knit
R43 *K3, k 2tog;repeat from * (24sts)
R44 Knit
R45 *K2, k 2tog;repeat from * (18sts)
R46 Knit
At this point stuff the base and head of flame .
R47 *K1, k 2tog; repeat from * (12sts)
R48 Knit
R49 *K2tog; repeat from * (6sts)
R50 Knit
R51 Knit
R52 K1,K2tog,K1,K2tog (4sts)
R53 Knit
R54 K2tog and fasten off. Thread this end in.
Stuff the base a little more if needed, and then run cast on tail yarn through cast on sts and pull up tight. Thread ends in.
From white felt cut 2 X 7/8 inch circles, just touching.An easy way to do this is to find a button the correct size and trace around it, making the circles just touching.Then it can be cut out in one piece.
From black felt cut 2 X 3/8 inch circles, and a ¼ inch oval.
Centre black circles in white circles and stitch down with tiny sts. Sew this to centre front of flame. Sew black oval to just under where circles touch.

Sew the button onto the bottom, to help it stand up.

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