Wednesday, 12 September 2012

The Very Hungry Caterpillar cocoon

Next on the list for the photographers was a cocoon that they can wrap the little newborns up in for their debut photo shoot. We decided to go for this Very Hungry Caterpillar one because it is unisex and just adorable. In all honesty, I HATED knitting the cocoon!! Mainly because it was the first time I knitted in the round with multiple colour changes and I just found the whole thing a little messy. As a perfectionist, this stressed me out a little, and I found that I had to spend quite a lot of time afterwards neatening up the side seam with all the colour changes on it. The photographers decided they didn't want all the colours like the original pattern has as they wanted it to look more like the original Very Hungry Caterpillar, like this
So we chose a plain green yarn and then a contrasting green and white yarn in the same shade. In my usual fashion, I have discarded the paper wrap from the yarn so I'm unable to tell you what I used, but I promise that any future patterns I knit, I will keep this info so I can include it here for anyone who might be interested. I also knitted the matchng hat, which was MUCH MORE FUN!! Here is how they turned out

 I kind of abandoned the pattern for the cocoon if I'm totaly honest and did my own thing with the stripes, and I also made it quite a lot larger (diameter wise) than the pattern states because as a mum myself, I know that squeezing a wriggly (or perhaps even sleeping) newborn into a fairly tight cocoon would be a nightmare, so I made it larger so that they could easily get the bubba inside, then they could just fold the excess underneath so it doesn't show in photos (I have folded the excess under in the photo above and it really doesn't notice at all).  The hat was fun the make, and also I had to teach myself how to crochet to make the chain for the eyes. I used this YouTube tutorial to learn, and it was super easy. So what do you think?

Knit on, knitters


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  1. We decided to go for this Very Hungry Caterpillar one because it is unisex and ...